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Weight Loss Medications

~ We have several treatment options available ~

Adipex® (Phentermine)


Phentermine works by suppressing the appetite regulating area in the brain called the hypothalamus and blocks the re-uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine (adrenalin-like neurotransmitter) leaving more available in the body for use.  This ultimately leaves the body feeling more satiated (full like after eating a meal) as well as energized!  Patient who are overweight often suffer from a decreased metabolic rate. Through the use of this medication, evidence shows increase in patient’s metabolic rate which is what contributes to the weight loss. Now, I’m sure you are wondering, what happens when I go off this medication and how long can I be on the medication. Patients can take the medications for 3 months and then have to take a minimum of 6 month break.  It is very important to make lifestyle changes early on after starting the medication, so that when you cycle off the medication, your healthy practices are already in place, and your can continue to achieve desired results.

Cost: As low as $15 at local pharmacy when using GoodRx.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)


Vitamin B12 is essential to assist with metabolism of fats and carbohydrates to release energy in the body.  B12 also plays a key role in regulating appetite and mood.  Patients with low B12 levels often experience fatigue, excessive sweating, and soreness in arms/legs. Other symptoms can include shaky movements, incontinence (lack of bladder and/or bowel control), hypotension (low blood pressure), vision problems, difficulty concentrating, hot flashes, and mood disturbances. Patients with low B12 often times have impaired ability to absorb in the intestinal tract due to low intrinsic factor.  Intrinsic factor is necessary to move B12 into the blood stream. In many patients, small amounts of B12 such as 25 mcg in multivitamins are not sufficient to increase patients B12 levels to where they experience all the benefits. Furthermore, even large oral doses of B12 (cyanocobalamin) ranging from 100-200 mcg daily have decreased efficacy levels compared with intramuscular injected B12 injections due to the absorption challenges in the intestinal tract/GI system.  Many patients report significant benefits and improvement in symptoms through use of routine vitamin B12 injections.  



Once weekly of 1-5 mg depending on need.  The injections are put into large muscle group such as thigh, hip, or buttock. 

There is no down time and only takes a few minutes.  Minimal pain is experienced and patients generally have no prolonged soreness such as with a flu or tetanus shot.


Once weekly or depending on the need of the patient.  



Single injection: $35

Package of 4 injections (month supply): $120

Combo Pack of Vitamin B12 & Lipo-C:

Package of 4 injections each

(1 month supply): $240

Qsymia  (Phentermine/Topamax) ®


Qsymia is an extended-release combination of two existing medications: phentermine, used to suppress the appetite to aid in weight loss, and topiramate, used primarily to treat epilepsy and prevent migraine headaches but with a common side effect of weight loss.  This medication has very similar side effects to that of Adipex (phentermine) however it is very important to understand that it cannot be stopped abruptly.  You must taper of Qsymia to reduce risk of seizures. This medication is a once daily capsule that is generally obtained through mail order pharmacy due to cost.  If attempted to obtain from local pharmacy the cost would be over $200 however if you create an account through Qsymia Engage, you can obtain prescription for $98 and will be shipped directly to your home.  Here is the link:

Lipo-C ®

Lipo-C® injections are used help release fat throughout the body by targeting fatty deposits.  These injections boost the body’s metabolic power to increase metabolic functions aiding the body to rid itself of fat. These essential amino acids act as a lipotropic agent which assist in the breakdown of fats within the liver; helps to lower cholesterol thereby preventing excess fat buildup in the liver and throughout your body’s circulatory system.

Lipo-C® injections contain 4 important ingredients including:

1.     Inositol: helps the liver remove fat

2.     Choline: distributes cholesterol and prevents it from getting deposited in one part of the body

3.     L-Carnitine: amino acid required for the transport and breakdown of body fat and for the generation of metabolic energy. Shown to decrease fat mass, preserve muscle during exercise, and reduce muscle fatigue. Further research over the last decade has shed new light on the importance of L-carnitine as a regulator of skeletal muscle fuel selection, which means it is needed to determine whether muscle tissue utilizes carbohydrates or fat for energy. L-Carnitine requires a high dose to promote fat tissue breakdown. This is because only a fraction of carnitine is absorbed during oral digestion. When administered by injection, nutrients like L-Carnitine are completely absorbed by the body.

4.     Methionine: similar to inositol and amplifies the combination



For optimal results, 3 ml injections should be given weekly for 3 months or until desired results are achieved. 


Lipo-C® is recommended to be given along with B12 to accelerate metabolic process while improving overall energy. Since lipotropics directly aid in the breakdown of fatty tissue, and are also closely related to B vitamins, when used together, they are thought to intensify each other’s effects and are usually injected together as part of the same treatment injection cycle.


Weekly for 3 months or until desired results are achieved.


Single injection: $35

Package of 4 injections (1 month supply ): $120

Combo Pack of Vitamin B12 & Lipo-C:

Package of 4 injections each

(1 month supply): $240

B Complex Injections

The B complex vitamin provides additional assistance with weight loss in a variety of different way including:

-Breaking down and metabolizing fats and carbohydrates more efficiently in the body

-Providing improved energy

-Increasing good cholesterol (HDL)

-Decreasing stress and anxiety which consequently raise cortisol levels


-Improves hormone function

-Reduces acne and skin blemishes

The Break Down of the Vitamins:

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Benefits:

Vitamin B5 is helpful in breaking down and metabolizing fats and carbohydrates into energy. Along with aiding in your metabolism, Vitamin B5 is responsible for producing sexual hormones like testosterone as well as stress-related hormones. B5 also helps get you healthy skin and reduce signs of aging on the skin.


Vitamin B1  (Thiamine) Benefits:

Vitamin B1's is often referred to as the “anti-stress vitamin” and also helps break down carbohydrates in the body during digestion.


Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Benefits:

Vitamin B2 is packed with antioxidants and aids in the production of red blood cells which are essential to getting oxygen you need throughout your body consequently improving your energy/endurance.  It also helps to fight off free radicals that can lead to various diseases such as heart disease.


Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Benefits:

Primarily helps to boost high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol helps in lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in your body. Also helps to reduce acne, skin blemishes, and improve the appearance of your skin.



Once weekly injection.  The injections are put into large muscle group such as thigh, hip, or buttock. 

There is no down time and only takes a few minutes.  Minimal pain is experienced and patients generally have no prolonged soreness such as with a flu or tetanus shot.


Single injection: $35

Package of 4 injections

(1 month supply): $120

Combo Pack of Vitamin B Complex, B12, & Lipo-C:

Package of 4 injections each

(1 month supply): $240

Ozempic/Wegovy ® (Semaglutide) 


Semaglutide is a medication prescribed for weight loss that suppresses appetite and works to lower glucose levels by increasing insulin.  It imitates the metabolic hormones produced naturally by our GI system, pancreas, and nervous system to promote heighted glycemic control and hence weight loss.  In addition, the medication slows down digestion and gastric emptying making patients feel more full longer.  Lastly, it targets the hypothalamus in the brain that receives the signal of satiety or making you feel full after only a few bites of food.  Consequently, reducing portion sizes and calorie intake.  

Semaglutide is FDA approved for weight loss through brand name of Wegovy for patients with BMI of 30 or more.  Patients with BMI of 27 or greater can also be approved if they have one of the following conditions: hypertension, high cholesterol, or diabetes.  Due to heightened challenges of getting insurance to cover this incredible medication, we have begun offering in-house for patients requesting to pay out of pocket.  Please see price schedule below.  Health savings plans may also be used. 

Cost When Insurance Won't Cover:

$350 per month for doses 0.25mg-1.75mg

$399 per month for doses 2mg-2.4mg 


All patients must schedule and complete initial weight loss consultation prior to starting medication. This is under Schedule Online and New Weight Loss Client.




Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants ridding our body of toxins, fighting diseases and illnesses.   It is also proclaimed to make your skin brighter!

Glutathione is your liver’s best friend.  It is a simple molecule composed of three amino acids that help the body detoxify.  In today's society, our body ingests and is constantly exposed to so many toxins making it almost impossible to get enough glutathione to combat it all!  This toxic load has serious consequences for weight loss and wellness. 

Several studies suggest that stubborn belly fat and obesity may be caused by toxins and free radicals produced by the body following the heavy intake of sugar and carbohydrates. Uncontrolled buildup of toxins leads to a condition where the body stores more fat and uses less calories making weight loss more difficult.  Weight gain isn’t the only concern, though.  Long term build-up of toxins will lead to serious inflammatory diseases such as cancer along with other  autoimmune disease.

Exercise and healthy diet may not be enough to offset high levels of toxicity in one's system. Even diet products, diet pills and artificial sweeteners work against you by adding more toxins into the mix.

Detoxifying your body is a critical element of weight loss and overall health! 

Frequency: Weekly ​


Single Injection: $35

Combo Pack of Vitamin B Complex, B12, Glutathione, & Lipo-C:

Package of 4 injections each

(1 month supply): $260

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