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Optimal hormone levels are vital for
healthy aging! 

Are you frustrated due to:

-Low energy
-Inability to lose weight
-Poor sex drive

  Let's do something about it!  Time to change your life! Time to feel youthful again! 

In our hormone optimization program, you will be evaluated and treated based on your individual need. 
You may have been told in the past that your labs were "normal"   We will provide advanced diagnostic labs and tailor therapy  to OPTIMAL levels of hormone to treat you specifically. 

All hormones will be replaced with bioidentical hormones that are the same as what your body produces naturally. 


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Replacement has become very popular and for good reason.  Quality of life along with the myriad of positive health benefits makes optimizing your levels a “no brainer”.  Often thought of as only a male hormone, it is equally important in females. 

Symptoms of Low Testosterone


-Weight gain

-Low sex drive

-Erectile dysfunction

-Poor muscle strength



Benefits of Testosterone

-Improves mood and sense of well being

-Builds lean muscle mass (androgenic)

-Burns fat (lipogenic)

-Enhances sex drive

-Enhances memory and concentration

-Reduces risk of osteoporosis

-Improve heart health and reduces risk of cardiovascular disease


Women love it because in addition to the above benefits, also...

-Increases collagen production

-Decreases wrinkles

-Reduces cellulite 

Adverse Side Effects

- Acne if skin care regimen is not adequate

- Possible fluid retention​

-Breast tenderness (easily treated)

-Decreased testicular size

-Decreased sperm count (we can discuss options if still interested in having children, in order to preserve function)

How to achieve the best results

Incorporate regular exercise regimen with both aerobic exercise and resistance training, you will notice significant gains in both the amount of lean muscle and fat loss.  It will help you to obtain the body you have always wanted! 

Medication Delivery

Either intramuscular injection, usually twice weekly or transdermally (topical application to the skin) daily.  


We will discuss the delivery system best suited to you and your needs.  Transdermal, or application to the skin, is usually best suited for female patients due to the much lower dose, but can be used in men also.  Our compounding pharmacy will help to tailor the delivery system to your specific wants and needs.  Medications are delivered right to your door.  


How frequently do I meet with the Doctor or Nurse Practitioner?

We will monitor your levels via blood serum analysis approximately every 3 months for about a year until we achieve your optimal levels then every 6-12 months thereafter.


We would love to help you begin feeling youthful, strong, and yourself again! Don't hesitate to call or schedule an appointment online today!  

Your health and wellbeing are worth it!  Today is the day! 


There are over 200 symptoms related to thyroid deficiency.  Have you often felt like you know there is "just something off in your body but can't pinpoint what it is?" Has your doctor checked your TSH in the past and told you it was "normal?" This test alone often does not identify a deficiency.


Common Symptoms:

-Weight gain


-Loss of energy or motivation

-Difficulty concentrating

-Thinning hair and brittle nails

-Cold intolerance

-Mood disturbance


What does your thyroid do?

 Thyroid hormone is a metabolic hormone secreted by the thyroid gland that regulates temperature, metabolism, cerebral function and energy.  The thyroid’s function is frequently screened inadequately and deficiencies are not identified.  TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone, is frequently found on routine lab panels used by most health care providers.  When it falls within the normal range, the patient is usually told “your thyroid is normal”.  We will provide advanced screening for thyroid deficiency by checking the bioavailability of both T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine).  These are not commonly evaluated and when optimized can make a huge impact on your health and wellbeing.  T4 is 80% of the thyroid we produce but very weak.  T3 makes up about 20% and is the active hormone, nearly 4 times stronger than T4.  The conversion of T4 to T3 is what makes it active.  This is why simply running a TSH and reflex T4 are not enough!

Why choose our program?

Our hormone optimization program is designed to optimize your hormones with bioidentical hormones using T4 and T3. We will listen to your symptoms and treat them accordingly. Our goal is to make you feel youthful and energized, helping you achieve your own personal best health! 

Please contact us today if you are ready to see if there is something holding you back from achieving your optimal health.

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Estrogen is an essential hormone that confronts the uncomfortable symptoms of menopause and also helps maintain a healthy and youthful environment within your body.  The ovaries primarily produce estrogen, in addition to progesterone and testosterone.  There are three forms of estrogen produced in the body.  Estradiol is most vital to a woman’s health while estriol and estrone have more minor roles.  It has been shown to protect against heart and vascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, colorectal cancer, vaginal atrophy, urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections.  It promotes the restoration of vaginal tone, elasticity and the vagina’s lubricating ability.  Estrogen also promotes dental health and prevents the development of ophthalmologic disorders including cataracts and age related macular degeneration.

It prevents the debilitating symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and mood swings.  All of these benefits are strongly supported by the medical literature.

Many women are excited by the hormone's effect on the skin.  The cardinal sign of aging resides in the skin, which begins to thin, dry, sag and become wrinkled.  Estrogen stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid on collagen which helps hold moisture in the skin.  This maintains overall firmness and naturally tightens the skin.  The paper thin skin on older adult’s skin is due to collagen loss related to lack of estrogen and testosterone to maintain it,

With all these unbelievably favorable benefits, why isn’t every perimenopausal and menopausal woman on hormone replacement?  

The Big Scare! Does Estrogen Increase Risk of Cancer?

There was a scare in the early 2000’s when studies performed by the WHI or women’s health initiative on hormone replacement in menopause were published.  They reported increased risk of heart disease, stroke and breast cancer.  A panic ensued and nearly half of all women quit taking them.  Many doctors, who failed to recognize the flaws in these studies, encouraged their patients to discontinue therapy.  This led to many women suffering needlessly to this day.  The studies were performed using Premarin (a conjugated estrogen derived from pregnant horse urine) and Provera (synthetic progestin).  The studies have since been refuted and numerous studies since using natural bioidentical estrogen and progesterone not only show that there is NO increased risk of heart disease, stroke or cancer but instead all of the benefits that have been outlined above.  Women needn’t fear estrogen but instead should fear the loss of estrogen.

Take a Look:

There are countless studies from reputable organizations that explain that

Estrogen​ Does NOT cause increased risk of breast cancer! 


Here are a few links you can read at your leisure: 

Breast Article (click here)

Women's Health Initiative on Breast Cancer Article (click here)

Contraindications of Estrogen Replacement:

One of the only contraindication of estrogen replacement therapy is actual personal history of breast cancer.


Progesterone is estrogen's natural sidekick.  It is produced in the ovary, the adrenal glands and the placenta during pregnancy.  It is synergistic with estrogens numerous health benefits but offers unique benefits including relief of PMS or premenstrual syndrome, protection against breast and uterine cancer, lowers cholesterol, counterbalances the side-effects of estrogen including bleeding, bloating and fluid retention, lowers cholesterol, is a natural sleep aid and a feel good hormone. Patients report increased satisfaction in quality of life and overall contentment.  It is of utmost importance in premenopausal women to eliminate PMS, perimenopausal and menopausal women to relieve symptoms of menopause, associated health and feel good benefits.  Literally, no woman should be without it.


The clinically proven benefits of natural hormone therapy cannot be ignored.  OPTIMAL hormone therapy gives us health and quality of life.  We live in an era which offers access to hormone replacement whereas previously people only suffered through the decline in their health and vitality with aging.  Science and medicine now allows you a unique opportunity of which I encourage you to take advantage.


New Clients $200
Cost includes: Assessment, lab interpretation, and prescribing medication.  Medication cost not included.
Clients return every 3 months and will be considered established clients with repeat cost of $100 every 3 months.


Established Client $100
Cost includes: Assessment, reevaluation of labs, and prescribing medication.  Medication cost not included.


We apologize but 4 You LLC does not accept commercial insurance, however labs and medications are often covered by your insurance.
Health savings plans may also be used.

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